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Abilities of The Fey

Floret (Basic Attack)

Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage

Untamed Growth (Alternate Ability)

Small plant that deals Ability Damage in an AOE over a short period of time. 50% of the damage is dealt over the duration of the ability and the final 50% in a single blow when the plant finishes growing and pops.

Bramble Patch (Primary Ability)

Line of thorny brambles that deals Ability Damage and applies Slow to enemies for a short period of time.

Harvest Nettles (Secondary Ability)

Long Range (2000 units) projectile that deals Ability Damage. Refunds the full mana cost if it hits an enemy Hero. Consecutive hits on the same target within a short period of time deal bonus Ability Damage per hit which can stack.

Fly Trap (Ultimate Ability)

A giant plant that grabs nearby enemy Heroes with its vines. After a short period of time the vines pull the Heroes to the plant dealing Ability Damage. The vines break if the plant loses line of sight of the enemy.