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Destruction. Upgraded.

Hero Trait: 
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Gadget Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Gadget Overview

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Gadget Abilities

  1. - Plasma Blast (Basic Attack) - a ranged medium damage blast with low scaling factor common across Casters.
  2. - Seek & Destroy (Alternate Ability) - an AOE damage and Slow over time with a very long cast range. A very good zoning and wave clear tool.
  3. - Sticky Mine (Primary Ability) - a huge AOE damage after a short delay that sticks to its target.
  4. - Speed Gate (Secondary Ability) - a small speed boost to allies and damage to opponents. 
  5. - Tesla Dome (Ultimate Ability) - an ultimate with big AOE and damage increasing over time.

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Gadget Lore

  • Has a not-so-secret gambling addiction.
  • Enjoys the company of machines more than people. Undecided about androids.
  • Joined the Mechanica at fifteen. Left it at sixteen. 

Paragon Cards for Gadget

Cards for Paragon Gadget

Coming soon.

See more about Gadget's Paragon Cards in Gadget Build Guide.

Gadget Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.


Shellshock Gadget

Released on Apr-18 2017 with .39.2 update.

During our Open Beta event we offered the community a choice between two Gadget skins they wanted to see come to Paragon. You’ve asked (many times) and we are happy to say this long awaited skin has finally come to fruition. We proudly present Shellshock Gadget!

Shellshock Gadget
Bryan-BLaZe's picture

This is a decent beginners deck & all but you should switch building the major casts up 1st with casts & then the majors, doing so will net you the full upgrade bonus quicker.

jake two times's picture

make a better build then

Anrothan's picture

Why is she not very much played? She has so much potential!

Anonymous's picture

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