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Moving heaven and earth for victory.

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Gideon Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Gideon Overview

Gideon was one of the Heroes available in Paragon from the very beginning since Open Tests in Dec 2015. Gideon is high mobility caster adept in wave clearing and burst damage. Using his abilities, Gideon can control fights and be a dominant threat with or without a team.

Latest updates:

  • v42.3 (Aug-9 2017) - Gideon was not performing really well after the New Dawn. His abilities were buffed by increasing their scaling from Power.
  • v41.0 (Jun-27 2017) - a slight pull mechanics change to the Black Hole
  • v39.4 (May-02 2017) - released Portal Pump emote.

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Gideon Abilities

  1. Portal Blast - Portal Blast (Basic Attack) - ranged basic attack with low scaling as all casters have.
  2. Void Breach - Burden (Alternate Ability) - a skill-shot linking Gideon with a selected enemy Hero and slowing him down while in sight.
  3. Cosmic Rift - Cosmic Rift (Primary Ability) - a ranged AOE with a huge amount of damage. De facto Gideon's main damage dealing ability.
  4. Torn Space - Torn Space (Secondary Ability) - a teleport. Works through any barriers and to any direction. Allies can use it as well. One of the best re-position abilities in Paragon.
  5. Black Hole - Black Hole (Ultimate Ability) - an AOE devastating damage + pull in effect. The only con of this is that Gideon becomes a sitting duck.

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Gideon Lore

  • Believes limits are for the week.
  • On his sixth birthday, witnessed the death of a star. Fell in love.
  • Dekker suspects "Gideon" is not his true name. 

Paragon Cards for Gideon

Cards for Paragon Gideon

Coming soon.

See more about Gideon's Paragon Cards in Gideon Build Guide.

Gideon Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.


Gideon Emote - Portal Pump

Released on May-02 with .39.4 patch

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10/10 would recomend

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