Abilities of Gideon

TypeNameDescriptionPassiveDark Infusion

Gideon has bonus Energy Penetration.

LMBPortal Blast

Gideon throws a medium damage blast of dark energy.

RMBDark Tether

Gideon fires a projectile that tethers him to an enemy Hero. While tethered, the enemy is slowed and takes damage over time. The tether breaks early if enemy gets out of range or breaks line of sight.

QCosmic Rift

Gideon opens a Cosmic Rift over the battlefield, dropping meteors at the target location.

ETorn Space

Gideon opens a portal at a targeted area, allowing him to quickly teleport. Friendly heroes can follow him through the portal by jumping into it.

RBlack Hole

Gideon starts channeling and summoning a black hole from his rift device which creates a swirling vortex in a radius around him. Enemies within the radius are dragged inward and take damage over time. Gideon receives a shield and is immune to crowd control after casting.

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