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GRIM.exe Paragon Hero


Corruption / Intellect

GRIM.exe is a ranger built to control the battlefield and neutralize enemies. His array of abilities reward precision play and allow him to lock down and destroy high-value targets.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Energy Damage and Critical Strike Chance

GRIM.exe has a ton of utility built in to his kit:

Displacement Blast fires an energy ball that knocks enemies away from the explosion. Use this to displace your targets or to knock away incoming threats.

Deflector Shield will emit a bubble that absorbs an incoming spell. When timed correctly, this ability can get you out of bad situations, even enemy ultimates.

Suppression Mode will cause enemies you hit to be slowed. This is a powerful tool that allows you to stick to targets. It can even be used to slow incoming threats.

And finally GRIM.exe's ultimate "Gyro Targeted Force Orb" or "G.T.F.O" will fire a long range homing bolt that will track down it's target, wherever they go.

When playing GRIM.exe, you decide when it's time to fight. Use your abilities to dismantle enemy engagements, slow down targets and displace enemy damage dealers. Once you spot your victim, use "G.T.F.O" to vaporize your target.

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