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Hero Trait: 
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  2. Lore
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Grim.EXE Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

GRIM.exe Overview

GRIM.exe was announced back in May-04 2016 with the release treiler right below. He became available at the battlefield of Agora on May-09 when the patch .25.0 was rolled out.

GRIM, the imp, controls his sentry combat robot who executes his every command. GRIM.exe is a ranger built to control the battlefield and neutralize enemies. His array of abilities reward precision play and allow him to lock down and destroy high-value targets.

The most recent updates for GRIM.exe:

  • v.41.1 (Jul-05 2017) - Emote "Perilous Hug" released (see below)

GRIM.exe Abilities

  1. - Pulse Cannon (Basic Attack) -
  2. - Deflector Shield (Alternate Ability) -
  3. ​ - Displacement Blast (Primary Ability) -
  4. ​ - Suppression Mode (Secondary Ability) -
  5. ​ - G.T.F.O (Ultimate Ability) -

See more details on abilities in GRIM.exe Build Guide.

GRIM.exe Lore

  • Coming Soon

Paragon Cards for GRIM.exe

Cards for Paragon GRIM.exe

Coming soon.

See more about GRIM.exe's Paragon Cards in GRIM.exe Build Guide.

GRIM.exe Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

GRIM.exe Paragon Developer Live Stream


GRIM.exe Emote - Perilous Hug

Announced on Jul-03 and released on Jul-05 with .41.1 patch.

GRIM.exe early posters

Released with the Hero arrival

GRIM.exe early poster
GRIM.exe imp and his centry

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