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Abilities of GRIM.exe

Type Name Description
LMB Pulse Cannon

GRIM.exe fires blasts from his ranged Pulse Cannon

RMB Deflector Shield

GRIM.exe activates a shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability. If the shield successfully blocks an ability, GRIM.exe regains percent of missing Mana

Q Displacement Blast

GRIM.exe lobs a Displacement Blast that deals damage in an area and knocks enemies away from the center of the blast.

E Suppression Mode

GRIM.exe toggles Suppression Mode, modifying his Pulse Cannon to apply a slow on hit.


GRIM.exe locks onto an enemy Hero. After a short charge-up, he fires a high damage, Gyro Targeted Force Orb that homes to the target. The G.T.F.O. passes through geometry and non-Hero units.