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Abilities of Grim.EXE

Pulse Cannon (Basic Attack)

Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

Deflector Shield (Alternate Ability)

GRIM.exe activates a shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability. If the shield successfully blocks an ability, GRIM.exe regains percent of missing Mana

Displacement Blast (Primary Ability)

GRIM.exe lobs a Displacement Blast that deals Ability Damage in an area and knocks enemies away from the center of the blast.

Suppression Mode (Secondary Ability)

GRIM.exe toggles Suppression Mode, modifying his Pulse Cannon to apply a slow on hit.

G.T.F.O (Ultimate Ability)

GRIM.exe locks onto an enemy Hero. After a short charge-up, he fires a high damage, Gyro Targeted Force Orb that homes to the target. The G.T.F.O. passes through geometry and non-Hero units.