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Iggy&Scorch Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Iggy & Scorch Overview

Iggy & Scorch was announced on Apr-13 2016 with the reveal trailer below. These two guys have joined the battlefield of Agora on Apr-19 with the .24.0 update.

Iggy & Scorch is a duo. A mage with serious lane control. Iggy sits atop Scorch while putting down flame turrets that zone enemies. Iggy throws molotovs that cause fire damage, while Scorch secretes flammable oil that compounds the damage over time and expands the damage area.

Recent updates to Iggy and Scorch:

  • v42.3 (Aug-29 2017) - Iggy and his good friend Scorch were performing really well since their kit was reworked. In 42.3 they are receiving a nerf. Ultimate and HP regen were tuned down and HP was rebalanced to make him less tanky during the early game.
  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - mechanics of destructing a Flame Turret was changed.
  • v38.3 (Mar-13 2017) - Oil Slick was slightly buffed and Flame Turret has their damage increased.

Explore Detailed Updates

Iggy & Scorch Abilities

  1. - Molotov (Basic Attack) -
  2. - Oil Slick (Alternate Ability) -
  3. - Flame Turret (Primary Ability) -
  4. - Oil Spill (Secondary Ability) -
  5. - Flame Belch (Ultimate Ability) -

See more details on abilities in Iggy & Scorch Build Guide.

Iggy & Scorch Lore

  • Coming Soon

Paragon Cards for Iggy & Scorch

Cards for Paragon Iggy & Scorch

Coming soon.

See more about Iggy & Scorch's Paragon Cards in Iggy & Scorch Build Guide.

Iggy & Scorch Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

Iggy & Scorch Paragon Developer Live Stream


First Teaser

The first picture of Iggy prior to the reveal trailer

Iggy and Scorch first teaser
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