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Abilities of Iggy&Scorch

Type Name Description
LMB Molotov

Deals Basic Damage and leaves a pool of fire on the ground where it lands that applies Burn to enemies that touch it. The molotov will also ignite any Oil patches it hits.

RMB Oil Slick

Scorch gains a brief speed boost and leaves a trail of flammable oil on the ground behind him that can be ignited by fire. The trail applies Oil to enemies who walk on it.

Q Flame Turret

Iggy throws out a Flame Turret that sprays fire. Turrets have limited fuel and health. They will auto-attack any enemy in range (prioritizing targets that Iggy is damaging) and will self destruct when out of fuel. Leveling the ability allows Iggy to place more turrets simultaneously

E Oil Spill

Scorch hacks up an oil blob and spits it at a ground-targeted location. When the Oil Spill lands it creates an area that applies Oil to enemies. The Oil can be ignited by fire to deal damage in a single burst.

R Flame Belch

Iggy feeds Scorch one of his Molotovs and Scorch begins to spew flames from his mouth dealing fire damage to enemies in front of him. At the end of the duration Scorch belches, creating a giant explosion that does large damage and knocks enemies back. The ability can be re-triggered to end early and activate the belch.