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Abilities of Iggy&Scorch

Type Name Description
LMB Fire Spit

Scorch spits out a flaming projectile dealing Basic Damage

RMB Molotov

Iggy flings a Molotov that applies Ability Damage over a short duration to all enemies in AOE. Stacks negative Ability Armor on hit for a short period of time.

Q Flame Turret

Iggy throws down a turret that shoots homing fireballs at enemies. Each fireball deals Ability Damage. Iggy can have up to 4 turrets placed. Hitting an enemy with Fire Spit redirects turrets to attack that target if in range. Placing a turret on top of a preexisting turret will destroy the older turret.

E Burning Sensation

Iggy and Scorch's Basic attack (Fire Spit) and Primary Ability (Flame Turret) projectiles apply a stack of Ability Damage per tick over a short duration to enemies. Refreshes duration on consecutive hits.


Flame Turrets kick into overdrive for a short period of time. While in overdrive, they deal additional Ability Damage to all enemies, penetrate all targets and apply Slow.