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Kallari Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Kallari Overview

Kallari was one of the Paragon Heroes that were released with the very first Open Beta on Mar-18 2016. She is an elusive assassin striking from the Shadow Plane and disappearing earlier than anyone can fight back. Kallari can deal a high burst of damage and her Death Sentence ultimate makes her a global thread to any critically wounded opponent.

The videos above are slightly out of date since there was a significant Kallari re-work not yet reflected in those videos.

Recent Kallari updates:

  • v42.3 (Aug-29 2017) - Kallari was overperforming since the New Dawn update. Her win-rate was flat at around 59% with pick-rate over 32%. So she has received a nerf in her basic defense and and DPS (both damage and attack speed). Her cloak ability was also slightly nerfed by increasing cooldown and Mana cost to make her slightly less elusive.
  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - a significant re-work of abilities.
  • v38.3 (Mar-13 2017) - Death Sentence buffed a little.

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Kallari Abilities

  1. - Slash (Basic Attack) - a melee attack dealing medium Basic Damage. Damage can be significantly increased using an ability below.
  2. - Crippling Dagger (Alternate Ability) - do damage and apply a significant Slow.
  3. - Shadow Walk (Primary Ability) - become invisible (!) and do 250% more damage with the next Slash landed while in Shadow Walk. Great ambush and escape tool.
  4. - Shadow Dance (Secondary Ability) - Gives triple jump and HP Regen boost in Shadow Plane.
  5. - Death Sentence (Ultimate Ability) - one of those rare Paragon abilities with global presence. See all enemies and teleport to one of them to deal a burst of damage. No one can feel safe.

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Kallari Lore

  • Some believe she kills for pleasure.
  • Some believe she kills because she must.
  • Some believe neither of these is true.
  • Kallari is a graduate of the special operations program Echelon. The same program as Wraith
  • Kallari is from Omeda as Wraith (dev stream on Wraith at 16:12)

Paragon Cards for Kallari

Cards for Paragon Kallari

Coming soon.

See more about Kallari's Paragon Cards in Kallari Build Guide.

Kallari Picks and Counter-picks

Kallari is a good pick to be done last when you see enemy composition. Pick her when you see a split push compo with squishy heroes or when you do not see a lot of Crowd Control on your opponents. This will allow Kallari to effectively terrorize them throughout an entire match and finish heavy wounded enemy heroes trying to retreat back home.

Countering Kallari is an entire team task. It is not that hard but require special attention to putting Shadow wards all around the map in key points. In addition to that your team need to have Stun abilities to disable Kallari when she appears or to have shielding abilities to mitigate an unexpected burst of damage from her.

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Shadow's picture

Guys which characters are the best? I've never played this game and it looks amazing

George's picture

@Shadow (not verified), Kallari is good at ganging and bursting enemies down. The flip-side of the coin - she is squishy.

Feenyx's picture

@Shadow No character is the "best" per se. However, the general opinion is that Murdock and Rampage are the most powerful.

StabbySantaa's picture

As far as I have seen the team with the best teamwork wins the game.  I've been in several games where the enemy Murdock went 23-4 and our best was 9-3 and we won because we played better as a team.  I really like that about this game.  Its not really something that one OP character/highly skilled player can win a game.  I do agree that Murdock and Rampage are the most powerful though Feenyx.

dartaz90's picture

Hi Shadow, 

Welcome to the awesome world of Paragon!

I would agree with what has been said above; teamwork is what wins the game. All of the characters have their pros and cons, it is a matter of

1. finding the characters which best suit your prefered style of play

2. complementing your team mate's character choices

You will find the answer to both of those simply by playing and trying out different characters. 

You can then 'balance' your chosen characters by building custom deck to equip to your character, so as to further tailor their abilities and powers to your liking. 

Note I type characters in the plural; it is important to master a variety of characters and be prepared to use any one of them in any given game; as you may have noticed, there is an order of selection in the draft process and a team mate selecting before you might pick your desired character, leaving you with a panic decision... Having a variety of characters with who you are comfortable playing with is important to your maximum enjoyment (and understanding how your enemy works). 

Personally, I like to play with Kallari, Iggy & Scorch and Khaimera. Scorch is a great all round character (but easy to play and once mastered, a tad repetitive). Kallari is a good challenge to play and can be very rewarding if patient. Khaimera is a destruction machine, but I very rarely get to play her as usually another player indicates in the draft that they want to play her. 

Hope this helps!

Anonymous's picture

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