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Free the untamed spirit.

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Khaimera Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Khaimera Overview

Khaimera was announced to join Paragon roster of Heroes on Jun-10 2016 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Jun-20 with the .27.1 update

Khaimera is the Paragon’s first duelist, a Hero who excels at isolating targets, and also happens to wield dual axes. The main unique feature of this Hero is his regeneration mechanics. The longer he fights the faster his health recovers. Combined with a powerful single-target Ultimate and a reliable chasing ability this all makes Khaimera one of the deadliest assassins in Paragon.

Recent updates to Khaimera

Explore Khaimera Updates

Khaimera Abilities

  1. Hack Hack (Basic Attack) - a melee basic attack standard to all fighters.
  2. Ambush Ambush (Alternate Ability) - a short cooldown gap-closing ability to help the beast to stick to his target. Can't be used for escape.
  3. Unleash Unleash (Primary Ability) - instantly max out Khaimera's attack speed for a short period of time
  4. Spirit Regeneration Spirit Regeneration (Secondary Ability) - the core passive-only ability giving Khaimera health regeneration boost with every single attack and ability landed.
  5. Cull Cull (Ultimate Ability) - A burst of damage to a single target combined with its isolation. All the other enemy Heroes are pushed away and get a Slow for a short period of time.

See more details on abilities in Khaimera Build Guide.

Khaimera Lore

  • No lore is provided for Khaimera at this point of time so below is just a set of assumptions and speculations.
  • From the videos related to his release it can be assumed that Khaimera is from one of the forests of Zechin. Probably the Bathuu where Morigesh is from and which is close to Amyyrn, home of The Fey.
  • However it is not clear why Kallari is presented in the video... she does not seem to belong to Zechin.

Paragon Cards for Khaimera

Cards for Paragon Khaimera

Since Khaimera nearly always starts in the Jungle, early game he benefits from Cards with bonus damage to Minions. They are dropped in the mid game with a transition to either Power + Attack Speed + Armor or Power + Crit + Lifesteal. Blink cards are also good to help Khaimera to engage and escape.

See more about Khaimera's Paragon Cards and actual deck builds in Khaimera Build Guide.

Khaimera Picks and Counter-picks

Pick Khaimera if your opponents don't have a burst composition. E.g. they go for split-pushes (which will allow Khaimera to duel a lot) or if they choose strong frontliners over CC-heavy line-up. The latter will result in longer team-fights where Khaimera shines. In addition to that he works well with the two following types of Heroes: Support Heroes who can provide targeted shield during a fight and another Hero who can similarly to Khaimera dish out a spike of damage to a single target. See more in the Guide about heroes synergy with Khaimera.

As far as counter-pick is concerned you can choose a couple of heroes with Stun-ning abilities or a compo with burst potential. Any Stun longer than 1.5 seconds with drop Khaimera's Health regeneration stacks and will disable his key strength of being strong in long lasting fights.

Khaimera Paragon Developer Live Stream

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