Pretty much the same way like Phase can quickly “fix” all the consequences of Back It Up! with her pull, Wraith can do the same vice versa. If he uses his rewind ability a moment before the pull his target will return back to the fight with a pretty much expected outcome.

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Phase can almost always pull her ally with from a Containment Fence using her Telekinetic Link. Stun is not a problem either. In other words any CC Dekker can offer is mitigated by Phase.

The only scenario where the Fence beats the Link is when Phase is standing on a lower ground compared to the Fence. In that situation a pulled ally will hit the top of the Fence and will remain inside.

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Feng Mao

Phase is not really a direct counter to Feng Mao. Instead she is a counter to his attacks against her carry. She can always pull them into safety as soon as Feng uses his Reaping Dash. Her Energy Lance will also prevent Feng Mao from chasing his target.

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Phase alone does not have a chance against Khaimera. However her ability Telekinetic Link is a great counter to the beast. He starts his ultimate, she pulls. He chases, Phase pulls and slows down with her Energy Lance.

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Phase with her Telekinetic Link pull can effectively counter Back it up! from Wraith. When Wraith uses it offensively, Phase can still position herself to pull her ally back to safety after rewind happens. When Wraith uses Back It Up! for peeling she can still keep chasing him and pull her ally after teleport to keep the pursuit.

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Phase is a good counter to any Crowd Control, isolation and re-position. With her Telekinetic Link and with a good positioning she can deny any initiation Sevarog is able to offer. Even his Colossal Blow.

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Sparrow is exactly the hero who can benefit from Phase’s ultimate. With boosted attack sped Sparrow can stack Relentless extremely fast and deal devastating damage to a single target. Moreover her ultimate Inner Fire is all about making more shots over the ability duration. With Hyperflux it can become a reliable team-wipe tool.

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Greystone is that guy who’s in the middle of every fight (or at least should be). When his Reforged ultimate is triggered he’s almost always the one to take focused fire. And Phase is exactly the Hero to help here. Her pull with Telekinetic Link can save the day and bring Greystone to safety when he did his job (or at least should have been).

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Wukong can deal an insane damage in an area thanks to his clones. With Phase’s link and Hyperflux he can create a ton of clones in a blink of an eye and be pulled in from the destroyed inhibitor before it’s getting too hot.

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Phase mitigates low mobility of Drongo and her Energy Lance makes a good combo with his “Old Rusty” and allows him to land all the Rad Rounds.

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Revenant is a carry with low mobility and absolutely no way to escape. Phase is exactly the Hero to fill in this gap. She can allow Revenant to go for a kill and then pull him back to safety. But remember, his Reckoning will break the link and you can’t pull him while he’s executing his Obliterate.

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