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Kwang Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Kwang Overview

Kwang was announced to join Paragon roster of Heroes on Sep-30 2016 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Oct-04 2016 with the .32.1 update

Kwang is a durable fighter that excels at initiating. A master swordsman, Kwang can utilize his Legendary Blade to change how and where he uses his abilities. Despite being a fighter Kwang has a unique ability to grant Lifesteal to allies and himself (around his Sword) that comes not only from Basic Attack but from abilities (!!) as well.

He is also one of those few Paragon Heroes who can have a global teleport like Muriel and Kallari. Kwang can teleport to his Sword whenever it is.

Latest updates to Kwang

  • v42.3 (Aug-29 2017) - Kwang was a tough target. He's got his defenses nerfed in 42.3.

Explore Kwang Updates

Kwang Abilities

  1. - Slice (Basic Attack) - a melee attack with medium damage and scaling.
  2. - Light of the Heavens (Alternate Ability) - very versatile AOE damage and Armor Bonus ability taking effect around the Sword.
  3. - Judgement of the Heavens (Primary Ability) - an impactful Crowd Control ability very similar to Sevarog's Subjugate with an ability to teleport to the Sword and deal more damage.
  4. - Gift of the Heavens (Secondary Ability) - AOE Lifesteal to nearby allies and Kwang for their Basic Attacks and Abilities.
  5. - Fury of the Heavens (Ultimate Ability) - an all-in-one ability. Teleport to the Sword (or just spin around in place if holding it in hands) deal AOE damage and apply Slow

See more details on abilities in Kwang Build Guide.

Kwang Lore

Paragon Cards for Kwang

Cards for Paragon Kwang

Coming soon.

See more about Kwang's Paragon Cards in Kwang Build Guide.

Kwang Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

Kwang Paragon Developer Live Stream

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