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Abilities of Kwang

Slice (Basic Attack)

Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage

Light of the Heavens (Alternate Ability)

Beams of light from the heavens strike Kwang and his sword. The light that hits his sword does AOE Basic Damage around it. The light that hits Kwang gives him Ability and Basic Armor bonus for a short period of time. This ability works whether or not Kwang is holding his sword.

Judgement of the Heavens (Primary Ability)

Kwang throws his sword to the heavens. When it lands, it deals Basic Damage and tethers enemies to it for a short period of time. The sword remains planted in the ground forever, or until the next Basic attack or the ability is re-triggered. Recalling the sword early will break the enemy tether.

Gift of the Heavens (Secondary Ability)

Passive: Kwang's sword bursts with light, creating an aura around it that gives Lifesteal to Kwang and to all allies in a large radius around him (2000 units).

Fury of the Heavens (Ultimate Ability)

Kwang spins his blade around him in an AOE, dealing Basic Damage and applying Slow for for a short period of time. If his sword has been thrown and is still out in the world, Kwang will teleport to it before he attacks.