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Lt. Belica is a Burst Caster (Energy Damage; Order, Intellect) who specializes in zoning enemy heroes and mana control. Her Void Bomb ability allows her to burst damage in an area after a short delay and restores mana for each enemy hit. Her Seismic Assault provides her a line skillshot that deals damage and knocks up enemies. She can control a large area with Void Drone which drains mana per second from enemy Heroes standing in the area of effect, as well as zapping them for damage when they cast an ability. Belica’s Ultimate, Neural Disruptor, allows her to capitalize on low enemy mana by dealing a damage nuke based on their missing mana to finish the fight!

Lt. Belica Builds

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Kallari is very weak aginst her,when he strikes quickly place you drone to be sure that he doesnt escape then place your void bomb to give him a reason to escape,2 zaps for his jump and one for the cloak and thats a very easy kill, be sure to upgrade the drone first

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Things to consider 

1- U can wreck any other ranged hero if u know wat ur doin

2-ur not squishy but u got no escape so fighters gonna be very annoying 

3-ur only escape is using seisimic assault on them provided they already used there gab closer the 1 sec stun helps

4- never use ur ult at there full mana the base damage is crap unless 

5-u can be an ass and steal kills from teammates using ur ult

6-ur enemies realy hate u so be careful out there 

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