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Cards for Lt. Belica

Advanced Evolution

A very common starting card for a lot of Heroes.

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Supply Sergeant

Supply Sergeant works very well on Belica during early and mid game. Don't forget to use it on cooldown and if possible get closer to your allies to give them some Mana as well.

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Astral Leap

Astral Leap is a good card for Lt. Belica. It grants Mana and Mana Regen, which is good by itself. And it is also an awesome play-maker for an aggressive player. Blink forward to a target, rotate through your abilities and see them dead.

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A strong pick for mid game. Belica has an impressive Mana Pool and is capable of dealing a lot of poke damage to enemies. May even become your late game card but there are other options you may consider since Thaumaturge does not give you any special effects, just damage which is not a killer-feature.

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