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She came to Agora to kill The Fey.

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Morigesh Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Morigesh Overview

Morigesh was teased on Mar-17 and revealed on Mar-30 of 2017. Ready to play on Apr-04.

She is most effective as a Mid Laner but occasionally can perform in the Offlane. Morigesh is a mix of a utility caster and a source of unavoidable, consistent damage.

  • Morigesh was designed to be a Hero with a global threat. Hence the ultimate.
  • "One of her design goals was to be a nuisance to people" - Andrew Bains (Epic Hero Designer)
  • She is a character you don't want to spend much time around. Morigesh deals damage in a deceptive way. If you spend much time around her it might be too late.
  • Morigesh was primarily designed as a nuker. Though she has to put herself in danger in order to mark her target and deal damage.
  • Morigesh is a great early game lane bully. Her job is to win her lane early. A great combo is that yo use her Swarm ability to run through your enemy's minions to close the distance to your lane opponent, then you mark them and smash a hive into their face and even if they damage you back with a Cosmic Rift or R2000 you still have your regen stacks. That what's allow Morigesh to win those trades and win her lane early.

The last updates to Morigesh:

  • v41.0 (Jun-27 2017) - Mark and Hive were nerfed, Swarm was slightly buffed.
  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - Ability armor (both base and per level) was decreased
  • v39.1 (Apr-11 2017) - Morigesh has received a nerf. She was so strong during early game that she was able to bully some carry+support duos. Show her abilities cost was increased and her mana pool was decreased.

Explore Morigesh Updates

Morigesh Abilities

Morigesh abilities
  1. Dagger - Dagger (Basic Attack) - ranged attack with a dagger. Low damage and low scaling.
  2. Mark - Mark (Alternate Ability) - Morigesh marks a target, dealing damage and turning her doll into the shape of the targeted Hero. Targets stay Marked until a new Hero is chosen or the Marked target dies.
  3. Hive - Hive (Primary Ability) - A Hive of insects is thrown, exploding into an AoE dealing damage over time and applying a slow with every instance of damage.
  4. Swarm - Swarm (Secondary Ability) - Morigesh transforms into a swarm of insects, granting her movement speed and the ability to pass through enemies. When passing through enemies you deal damage and gain Health Regeneration.
  5. Curse - Curse (Ultimate Ability) - Summons a deadly swarm of insects in Morigesh’s image to stab the most recent Marked target (Global Ultimate).

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Morigesh Lore

  • Awakens each dawn with her body frozen, and the cries of the dead on her tongue.
  • Only kills that which can speak.
  • Narbash once gave her a pet frog; she asked no questions.
  • The original inhabitant of her body is long gone. - from the Twitter teaser of reveal trailer
  • Morigesh is a powerful spirit completely focused on destroying The Fey. The Bathuu, an ancient drowned forest of Zechin where Morigesh’s spirit resides has been in a conflict with the neighboring forest of Amyyrn, home of The Fey. The Amyyrn spirits sent The Fey into the world in order to stop the destruction of nature and Morigesh watched carefully, waiting for her time to act.
  • When The Fey traveled to Agora, Morigesh knew it was her time to strike. She found a woman who had wandered too close to the edge of the drowned forest and stole her body. With this new vessel, Morigesh went out into the world, sought out a portal to Agora and went through in pursuit of the Fey.
  • The code name of this Paragon Hero is "Mambo" which means - a voodoo priestess whose responsibility it is to preserve the rituals and songs and maintain the relationship between the spirits and the community as a whole.
  • Can potentially be connected to Khaimera

Paragon Cards for Morigesh

Morigesh Paragon Cards

Coming soon.

See more about Morigesh's Paragon Cards in Morigesh Build Guide.

Morigesh Picks and Counter-picks

See more on countering Morigesh in a corresponding section of the Morigesh guide here.

Morigesh Paragon Developer Live Stream


An alternative Morigesh teaser

An alternative Morigesh teaser

Concept Art

Morigesh concept art

Morigesh Trailer Teaser

Morigesh in-game model teaser

shown on Mar-17 2017

Reveal trailer teaser

Another Morigesh teaser released on Mar-28 2017. Voodoo magic confirmed to join Paragon on Apr-04 2017 with a reveal trailer on Mar-31.

Morigesh reveal trailer teaser
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