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No hiding from justice.

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Murdock Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Murdock Overview

Murdock was one of that few Heroes who were available in Paragon from the early Open Tests back in the end of 2015. He is a ranged low mobility carry with a little peeling tools and a unique global ultimate. He does not have great attack speed but he hits like a truck.

Recent updates for Murdock:

  • v40.1 (May-23 2017) - new emote released. See below.
  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - big kit re-work

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Murdock Abilities

  1. - Plasma Bolt (Basic Attack) - a ranged high impacting rifle blast with great scaling factor.
  2. - Buckshot (Alternate Ability) - shred armor and do damage in a cone in front of Murdock. Empower your basic attacks by decreasing defenses of your enemy.
  3. - Hot Pursuit (Primary Ability) - gives Murdock speed boost while running at a wounded enemy.
  4. - Shots Fired! (Secondary Ability) - bonus range and penetration every few seconds.
  5. - Long Arm of the Law (Ultimate Ability) - one of the few global damage dealing abilities in Paragon. Requires some skills to aim properly.

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Murdock Lore

  • Hasn't worked with a partner since the "incident".
  • Never mentions his wife.
  • Once suspended by Lt. Belica for hiding stun traps in the lavatory.

Paragon Cards for Murdock

Cards for Paragon Murdock

Coming soon.

See more about Murdock's Paragon Cards in Murdock Build Guide.

Murdock Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.


No Pain No Gain Emote

Released on May-23 2017 with .40.1 patch

Jamie's picture

Can you put the base damage and scaling on the abilities?

George's picture

@Jamie (not verified), If this info is in the Community Kit I'll add it to here. Thanks 

Shawnahew's picture

He also has an intelligence affinity as well

George's picture

@Shawnahew, yep, good catch!

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