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Abilities of Murdock

Plasma Bolt (Basic Attack)

Murdock fires a high damage attack from his blaster.

Buckshot (Alternate Ability)

Fires a blast in a cone that deals Ability Damage and shreds Basic Armor for 4 seconds. Enemies damaged by Buckshot are pushed if they are within 700 units of Murdock (up to a maximum distance of 700 units away from Murdock).

Hot Pursuit (Primary Ability)

[Passive]: Gain Movement Speed bonus when moving towards a visible, enemy hero that are below 25% Health Pool within a specified radius.

Shots Fired! (Secondary Ability)

[Passive]: Grants Murdock’s next basic attack bonus range Basic Penetration once every short period of time.

Long Arm of the Law (Ultimate Ability)

Murdock takes a knee and zooms in on a distant target. Upon confirming, Murdock fires a long range laser from his gun that passes through any enemy, object or terrain. Ignores armor.