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Abilities of Murdock

Type Name Description
LMB Plasma Bolt

Murdock fires a high damage attack from his blaster.

RMB Move Along

Deals Ability Damage to heroes and displaces all enemies in range. Displaced enemies are moved, but their abilities are not interrupted.

Q Buckshot

Fires a blast in a cone that deals Ability Damage and shreds Basic Armor for 4 seconds.

E Static Trap

Murdock throws a trap on the ground that activates after 3.25 seconds. Enemy heroes stepping on the trap will take Ability Damage and be rooted for a short period of time. The traps duration increases with each ability level up as well as the amount of mines simultaneously placed in the world. Traps may not be placed on top of each other.

R Long Arm of the Law

Murdock takes a knee and zooms in on a distant target. Upon confirming, Murdock fires a long range laser from his gun that passes through any enemy, object or terrain. Ignores armor.