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March your team to victory!

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Narbash Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Narbash Overview

Narbash was announced to join Paragon roster of Heroes on Aug-18 2016 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Aug-22 with the .31.1 update.

Narbash is a Support Caster. He’s a beast who bangs the drum all day to rev up and protect his teammates. He specializes in crowd control and buffing his team as he charges into the fight! His Thunk ability allows him to lock down a singular target with a stun. His March ability provides him with a movement speed aura, which can be devastating when combined with the Health Regeneration aura provided by his Song of My People ability. Narbash causes a ruckus with his ultimate Crash Bang Boom, slowing enemies in an AoE, then finishing his performance with a knockup.

Narbash Recent Updates:

  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - Speed boost from March! was buffed.

Explore Narbash Updates

Narbash Abilities

  1. Basic Attack -
  2. Alternate Attack -
  3. Primary Ability -
  4. Secondary Ability -
  5. Ultimate Ability -

See more details on abilities in Narbash Build Guide.

Narbash Lore

  • Lore of Narbash is connected to Morigesh. He "once gave her a pet frog; she asked no questions" - from Morigesh Lore.
  • Since Morigesh has connection to The Fey, Narbash may potentially be connected to her as well.

Paragon Cards for Narbash

Cards for Paragon Narbash

Coming soon.

See more about Narbash's Paragon Cards in Narbash Build Guide.

Narbash Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

Narbash Paragon Developer Live Stream


Emote - Narbash’s Moment

Released on Jun-13 2017 with 40.4 patch

Narbash teaser

The very first image ever related to Narbash.

Narbash first teaser
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