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Sluggo. Her closest companion, will always have her back​

Hero Trait: 
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Phase Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Phase Overview

Phase is a unique Hero capable of sharing her Health Regen with an ally and pull them back from bad situations. Along with Phase release there is one new mechanics was added into Paragon - Blind. See more in her Psychic Flare description.

Recent updates to Phase:

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Phase Abilities

  1. Pulse Bolt (Basic Attack) - a ranged medium damage and low scaling basic attack dealing Ability Damage
  2. Telekinetic Link (Alternate Attack) - Creates a link between Phase and an one target friendly Hero. Can be reactivated to pull the tethered target to her. Additionally, Phase passes her Health Regen to her linked ally. Using any of Phase’s abilities (or reactivating Telekinetic Link) gives her a quick Health Regen boost.
  3. Psychic Flare (Primary Ability) - Phase emits a blast of light around her and her linked target. The blast both deals damage and Blinds enemies caught in the area of effect.
  4. Energy Lance (Secondary Ability) - Phase fires a stream of energy from her hands, dealing damage and a stacking slow every hit. If she can keep her lance on the target long enough the slow will stack into a root.
  5. Hyperflux (Ultimate Ability) - Both Phase and her link will gain a short Movement Speed boost, increased Attack Speed, Mana Regen bonus and Cooldown Reduction. Mana Regen of +75. Upon cast, she and her linked ally will get a 2s decaying Movement Speed burst (like Muriel’s boots).

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Phase Lore

  • Phase is from Omeda.
  • Not okay with all her powers, but learning to live with them.
    Had a surprisingly happy childhood.
  • She is connected to Shinbi. Phase convinced Shinbi to use her power to become famous.

Paragon Cards for Phase

Phase Paragon Cards

Since Phase can transfer her HP regen to a linked ally she takes benefit from Health Regen cards. Phase is a main support in the team so she has to take standard AOE healing and shielding cards. And lastly, she has to build sustain to support her team longer.

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Phase Picks and Counter-picks

Pick phase when you have a carry with limited to none mobility and who can benefit from basic attack speed boost. The examples are Revenant, Sparrow or GRIM.exe. She is also a good counter to compositions relying on strong single enemy isolation. E.g. Revenant or Dekker.

Counter-picking for Phase is pretty simple. She is a hero with no escape so strong initiation with lock-down (Stun or Root) will do the job.

Phase Paragon Developer Live Stream


Reveal Trailer preview

May-10 teased a preview of a reveal trailer:

The first Poster

Revealed on May-9 2017

Phase first teaser image
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