Abilities of Rampage

Type Name Description
LMB Swipe Rampage swipes his claws in a strong melee attack.
RMB Pounce Rampage leaps 1000 units, dealing Ability Damage to all nearby enemies when he lands. Swipe causes Rampage to slam down early.
Q Boulder Throw Rampage throws a boulder that deals Ability Damage and stuns enemy heroes for a short period of time. Enemy minions hit by the boulder will be displaced.
E King of the Jungle Passive: Gain additional Health Regen, plus an additional Health Regen while in Jungle.
R Enraged Rampage becomes enraged, gaining huge amount of Health Regen for the next 12 seconds. Pounce range is greatly increased. Boulder Throw can be thrown quickly, but at shorter range. Can be turned off early by retriggering the ability.
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