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Who shot first?​

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  1. Overview
  2. Revenant abilities information
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Revenant Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Revenant Overview

Revenant was teased on Mar-17 2017 with the release date Apr-25. Revenant (Fury, Corruption) is an unholy melding of malevolent spirit and vicious bounty hunter. An ability Carry, Revenant relies on isolating targets and collecting bounties in order to snowball past the enemy carry. Revenant is packed with two new unique game mechanics:

  • Target isolation - his Ultimate turns any battle into a duel nobody else can jump into.
  • Reload - before the release of Revenant no hero of Paragon had to reload their gun to keep shooting.

The last updates for Revenant:

  • v41.0 (Jun-27 2017) - Revenant received a significant nerf to his Obliterate and Scar.
  • v39.3 (Apr-25 2017) - Released Hats Off emote. See below.
  • Same day revealed a video Lore! See below.

Explore Revenant Updates

Revenant Abilities

  • Hand Cannon (LMB/R2) - Revenant carries a revolver with 4 rounds, upon consuming these rounds he will automatically reload.
  • Hellfire Rounds (RMB/R1) - Allows you to reload your weapon at any time, and passively causes bonus damage on your fourth shot.
  • Obliterate (Q/Square) - Revenant fires a volley of projectiles which randomly target enemies in front of him.
  • Scar (E/Circle) - Infuses your target with dark energy, attacking will deal bonus damage to your enemy.
  • Reckoning (R/Triangle) - Revenant transports himself and his target to the Nether Realm, where he and his enemy must duel. While there, only Revenant can see his prey and they can only damage each other. If he succeeds in killing his enemy, he collects their bounty, earning bonus card power.

You can compare these abilities with what was data-mined prior to the release. See below.

See more details on abilities in Revenant Build Guide.

Revenant Lore

  • By definition "Revenant" is anyone who comes back after being gone for a long time. You can even use revenant to talk about ghosts, in that they are said to be spirits of those returning from the dead. The word revenant comes from the French revenir, which means "to return."
  • Jedidiah Sparks was the best bounty hunter on Omeda. Tracking down the fugitives who hid on the way outside the city. While not particularly murderists the majority of his "dead or alive" bounties were brought in dead. Just the nature of the business. He never gave up and he never failed.
    When one of his targets escaped to Letha Jed followed. He tracked his target to the wild region only to find out the man has been possessed by a nature spirit. The Spirit immediately realized that Jedidiah was the better host and tried to posses him. During the battle he killed Jedidiah's body but something inside of him fought on. He was too stubborn just to die and go away. And so two became a strange hybrid of honory man and malevolent spirit. The being called Revenant want back to haunting down the fugitives but now with a terrifying twist
    When he heard the portals to Agora had opened he knew he must go there.
  • Always finds what he is looking for, and then kills it.
  • Born on Omeda, possessed on Letha.
  • Carries a bullet engraved with a woman's name.

Paragon Cards for Revenant

Revenant Paragon Cards

[speculation]. As a Marauder Revenant is expected to benefit significantly from Power cards. More data will be available upon Revenant Paragon reveal trailer.

See more about Revenant's Paragon Cards in Revenant Build Guide.

Revenant Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

Revenant Paragon Developer Live Stream

Will be added closer to the Hero release.


Revenant Emote - Hats Off

Released along with Revenant's release on Apr-25. Teased a day before that

Reveal Screenshot

Released on Apr-20 2017 along with the Reveal video

Revenant Reveal Screenshot

Revenant Reveal Video Teaser

Apr-19 2017. Who shot first?

Reveal teaser

.39.2 - new art. Hero reveal teaser

Revenant reveal teaser

Revenant Concept Art

Revealed on Mar-17 in the official Paragon dev blog (here).

Revenant concept image

Revenant Data-mined Abilities

This section is kept here for history. This is what was data-mined from the game files prior to the hero release.

Revenant has some "Obliterate" ability which is going to have some unique tag "FirstHit". No more details so far.

  1. Basic Attack - is going to be ranged.
    "AmmoCount", "MaxAmmo", "OutOfAmmo", "Reloading", "Reload.Queued" tags appeared in .39. This is becoming interresting. It looks like Revenant is going to be the 1st Hero with reload mechanics. Sick!
  2. Alternate Attack - has "Duration" and "PhysDamageReduction" tags. Hinting at something that will possibly weaken opponents.
    "Damage.Bonus" and "MaxRating.Reload" tags appeared in .39. Pointing obviously to some enhanced damage (like Sparrow?)
  3. Primary - The following tags were found: "MissileCount", "StandingCastTime". It means that we probably see an ability with multiple charges (like TwinBlast has) and probably something similar to Yin's or Aurora's Primary ability as well since both of them has the same "StandingCastTime" tag.
  4. Secondary - the data-mined tags are "Duration", "MarkCount" and "MarkDamage". OK so Revenant is going to mark a target and probably do some bonus damage. Like Shinbi does with her abilities??
  5. Ultimate - has "BonusBounty" tag which is unique for currently available Paragon Heroes. Combined to the fact that it's going to be a projectile it may somehow be connected to the Secondary ability and "MarkCount"
    "Affected", "Shade" tags appeared in .39. Not sure I understand what do they mean...
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