Revenant has very limited escape and has no any re-position abilities at all. This makes him weak against Heroes with strong chasing potential or compositions with a lot of Crowd Control. He will also struggle against grouped enemies because his Obliterate will not able to focus damage to one single target.

When countering Revenant, remember that he is an ability carry. Therefore you can mitigate his burs with something like Arcane Dancer. When you know he’s going after you — just activate this card and see how his abilities deal minimal damage.


Yin has a lot of capabilities to counter Revenant. Even though she is a melee carry her abilities can counter the most damage dealing tools of Revenant. E.g. her Quelling Gale + Backlash can stop any of Revenant’s abilities since they are projectile-based. Even every single missile of Obliterate.

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Grux can use Revenant‘s lack of peeling abilities and cause a lot of troubles for him with Smash & Grab and Warlord’s Challenge. They will not only keep Revenant in close range of Gruxe’s melee attacks but also interrupt Obliterate should he choose to use it.

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Khaimera is a Hero you can’t just run away from you should either fight him or have some escape cards or abilities. Revenant is very limited as far as escape abilities are concerned.

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Revenant is an ability carry. A significant portion of his DPS comes from Scar + Obliterate. With his Gag Grenade Drongo can deny Obliterate and his “Old Rusty” will help him to keep Revenant at a desired distance. Drongo is not a hard counter to Revenant though.

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Both Sparrow and Revenant are bursty carries and can deliver a lot of damage to their targets. However Sparrow’s kit is more adjusted to deal with grouped targets (especially her Ultimate Inner Fire) while Revenant is all about dueling. He can force a one-on-one fight with his Reckoning and Sparrow down. Especially during early game.

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Revenant is a carry with low mobility and absolutely no way to escape. Phase is exactly the Hero to fill in this gap. She can allow Revenant to go for a kill and then pull him back to safety. But remember, his Reckoning will break the link and you can’t pull him while he’s executing his Obliterate.

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