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Riktor Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Riktor Overview

Riktor was announced to join Paragon roster of Heroes on May-25 2016 with the reveal trailer below and became available on MAY-31 with the .26.1 update

Riktor is that he is a melee tank who specializes in crowd control. He's a powerful initiator who brings order to the battlefield by locking down targets and pacifying enemies. His Riplash ability reaches out with his electric chain and pulls in enemy Heroes and/or minions while dealing damage. His Shock Therapy disrupts enemies by silencing them and his Skewer Ultimate uses a web of chains to damage and stun everyone in his path.

Latest updates to Riktor:

  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - Shock Therapy cooldown was buffed.
  • v38.3 (Mar-14 2017) - Riplash was buffed (range increased) and Riktor's own Mana gain er level was buffed.

Explore Riktor Updates

Riktor Abilities

  1. - Whip (Basic Attack) -
  2. - Riplash (Alternate Ability) -
  3. - Shock Therapy (Primary Ability) -
  4. - Electrocute (Secondary Ability) -
  5. - Skewer (Ultimate Ability) -

See more details on abilities in Riktor Build Guide.

Riktor Lore

  • Coming Soon

Paragon Cards for Riktor

Cards for Paragon Riktor

Coming soon.

See more about Riktor's Paragon Cards in Riktor Build Guide.

Riktor Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

Riktor Paragon Developer Live Stream

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