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Riktor is a Paragon Hero announced on May-25 and datamined as Chains in-game codename.

The TL;DR on Riktor

Riktor is that he is a melee tank who specializes in crowd control. He's a powerful initiator who brings order to the battlefield by locking down targets and pacifying enemies. His Riplash ability reaches out with his electric chain and pulls in enemy Heroes and/or minions while dealing damage. His Shock Therapy disrupts enemies by silencing them and his Skewer Ultimate uses a web of chains to damage and stun everyone in his path.

Datamining on Riktor

Note: information below is not officially confirmed as of May-25. Official announcement is planned for May-26

His abilities are seems to be like below:

  • Invigorate (Passive) - Riktor gives nearby friendly heroes a +20 Attack Speed increase

  • Whip (Auto) - Basic melee attack dealing {x} Energy Damage

  • Riplash - Long range chain whip that pulls enemies in if hit. Deals {x} Energy Damage

  • Electrocute - AOE around Riktor that does {x} total Energy Damage over 5s

  • Shock Therapy - Once activated, next hit with Whip does {x} Energy Damage and applies a Silence and Slow for {x}s

  • Skewer (Ultimate) - Riktor targets a wedge in front of him and skewers that area dealing Energy Damage and applying a Stun for 1.3s. After the stun, Riktor rips his Skewers out dealing more Energy Damage. Total damage adds up to {x}

Riktor Builds

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