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Shinbi Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Shinbi Overview

Shinbi was announced to join Paragon list of Heroes on Feb-16 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Feb-20 with the .38.0 update. Shinbi is the first and foremost Omeda City’s biggest pop star and in the battlefield of Agora she is a melee assassin with a good potential to deal burst focused damage to a single target. Her main position is the Mid Lane but she can do Jungling as well due to some sustain abilities in her kit.

Recent Shinbi updates:

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Shinbi Abilities

Shinbi Paragon Abilities

  • Cutting Edge - A melee Basic Attack
  • Rushing Beat - very versatile re-position ability with 2 (!!) charges.
  • Line Tempo - good poking tool that deals damage in a straight line. Works for wave clear as well
  • Circle Rhythm - Both AOE damage dealing ability and a self-heal in one single package.
  • All-Kill! - A single-target unavoidable ranged burst of damage.

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Shinbi Lore

  • Has difficulty hiring event staff due to wolf-related injuries
  • Remixes and performs ancient songs, but saves her mother's favorite to herself
  • Receives a simple protection charm on every birthday. Thinks it's from her sister.
  • Her home is on the moon Letha.
  • She's a descendant from a long line of shamanic conjurers. She was raised to commune with the spirits and use her magic only as a last resort. After Shinbi's brother, Kwang left their village in pursuit of the Legendary Sword, she decided to break tradition and go on a quest of her own. She left Letha and traveled to another moon and began a new life in Omeda City. In this futuristic city, she was able to use her powers to make a living.
  • Phase persuaded her to use her magic powers to become a singer/entertainer which led to her enormous growth in popularity.
  • As a girl on Letha, Shinbi snuck away to the city for the Emperor's coronation. She liked the dancers best.

Paragon Cards for Shinbi

Shinbi Paragon Cards

Shinbi is a focused damage dealer so the first thing is Power Cards. Her Basic Attack does not scale very well but her abilities do. Next to use her Ultimate to its full potential Shinbi has to be in a combat for a long time and therefore she needs some sustain. HP and both types or Armor is required.

And lastly to be able to disengage Shinbi needs anti crowd control. E.g. Hunter's Guile.

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Shinbi Picks and Counter-picks

Pick Shinbi if you plan split-pushing and force dueling with other heroes. She does this really well. Countering enemy carries is her other strength especially if they don't have much mobility.

Shinbi can be countered by a CC chain since her sustain comes mostly from her ability kit. When stunned she can get bursted down very quickly.

Shinbi Paragon Developer Live Stream

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