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Move with grace. Strike with precision.

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Sparrow Stats

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Sparrow Overview

Sparrow was one of those Paragon Heroes who were available from the very beginning back in Mar 2016 when Open Beta started. Sparrow is a low mobility ranged carry capable of dealing devastating damage with her basic attacks which increases if she focuses her fire on one target.

Sparrow Abilities

Sparrow paragon abilities
  1. - Bow Shot (Basic Attack) - a ranged bow shot with high scaling and attack speed.
  2. - Piercing Shot (Alternate Ability) - a long ranged skill-shot piercing minions and other obstacles. Makes you able to finish a retreating enemy even through terrain.
  3. - Hail of Arrows (Primary Ability) - an AOE damage-dealing ability over a short period of time. Zoning, wave clearing and bonus damage.
  4. - Relentless (Secondary Ability) - a passive giving Sparrow additional bonus damage to a single target when she hits multiple times in a row.
  5. - Inner Fire (Ultimate Ability) - Shoot three arrows at one time. Every arrow has all the same bonus damage additions making this ultimate very strong in narrow areas with no place to hide.

See more details on abilities in Sparrow Build Guide.

Sparrow Lore

  • As a child, practiced the bow until her fingers bled, then practiced some more.
  • Has been imprisoned many times.
  • Loves the hunt more than the kill.
  • Sparrow is from the moon Letha - a hint from Sparrow's Zechin skin "Few from Letha travel to Zechin, and fewer survive for long. Those who are changed forever."
  • Sparrow is niece of Greystone who is/was willing to imprison her. - from Greystone's Dev stream.
  • A letter from Greystone - "Dearest niece - I'm very proud of you, but you are still going to prison." - See Sparrow's Master skin.
  • As a girl Sparrow chased cats around the family estate. She's loved them ever since. - See Sparrow's Feline Queen skin.

Paragon Cards for Sparrow

Cards for Paragon Sparrow

Coming soon.

See more about Sparrow's Paragon Cards in Sparrow Build Guide.

Sparrow Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

Sparrow Paragon Developer Live Stream

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