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Abilities of Terra

Carve (Basic Attack)

Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

Counter Guard (Alternate Ability)

Terra raises her shield, guarding for a brief moment. If Terra takes damage while she is guarding, the damage is deflected and turned into a Shield for a short period of time. The size of the Shield efect is determined by a percentage of unmitigated damage that was deflected.

Ruthless Assault (Primary Ability)

Terra spins striking all enemies around her before finishing the spin with an additional forward slash dealing Ability Damage.

Deafening Command (Secondary Ability)

Terra slams her axe into her shield creating a shockwave that deals Ability Damage and applies Stun for a short period of time to all enemies in a radius around her.

Unstoppable Force (Ultimate Ability)

Terra’s helmet smashes down as granting her a Shield effect and Unstoppable (Immunity to Crowd Control) over the duration of the Ultimate.