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Go in. Both guns blazing.

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TwinBlast Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

TwinBlast Overview

TwinBlast was one of the Heroes available in Paragon from the very beginning since Open Tests in Dec 2015. TwinBlast is a dual-wielding gunslinger, built to be self-reliant and evasive. Using his abilities, TwinBlast can create opportunities to output high amounts of burst damage.

The most recent updates for TwinBlast:

  • v.41.1 (Jul-05 2017) - Emote "Just Dab it!" released (see below)

TwinBlast Abilities

  1. - Doubleshot (Basic Attack) - a standard ranged attack with high Power scaling. Can be modified with his alternate ability Rapid Fire.
  2. - Rapid Fire (Alternate Ability) - a vary quick burst of basic attacks. Can be used for frames skipping between two normal basic attacks.
  3. - Grenade! (Primary Ability) - An AOE damage ability with 3 charges providing TwinBlast with a powerful burst potential
  4. - Rocket Dash (Secondary Ability) - re-position ability to dodge skill-shots. Can't traverse terrain except of very limited cases.
  5. - Ventilate (Ultimate Ability) - a barrage of bullets. Very powerful but very hard to aim at any moving target. Extremely useful at any stunned or slowed down enemy. Has a very long range

See more details on abilities in TwinBlast Build Guide.

TwinBlast Lore

  • Denies any affiliation with the Ying Mei Cartel, but drinks on their tab.
  • TwinBlast may have connection to Lt. Belica since she has a bounty on her head from the Ying Mei Cartel. See more at her lore.
  • Has talked his way out of at least five executions.
  • Is pretty sure that he's a father.
  • TwinBlast has a name on the dogtag around his neck. It says "Jamison Hawkens 162-78-6615 Z POS Unknown". It is speculated that Twinblast's real name is Jamison Hawkens. 

Paragon Cards for TwinBlast

Cards for Paragon TwinBlast

Coming soon.

See more about TwinBlast's Paragon Cards in TwinBlast Build Guide.

TwinBlast Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.


Twinblast Emote - Just Dab it!

Announced on Jul-03 and released on Jul-05 with .41.1 patch.

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