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Wraith Paragon Hero


Intellect / Order
Hero Trait: 
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The program was scrapped - except for him.

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Wraith Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Wraith Overview

Wraith is a specialist joining the battlefield of Agora on Jun-27. Wraith (Intellect, Order) is a graduate of the special operations program Echelon, and was apprenticed to the only other graduate, Kallari. She specializes in assassination while he specializes in surveillance. A recon specialist, Wraith uses high tech tools to gather intel on his targets and outmaneuver his enemies.

Wraith Abilities

  1. Basic Attack -
  2. Knock, Knock! - Alternate Attack - A long-range scoped shot that penetrates geometry. Killing an enemy hero or minion with this ability will refund the mana cost over a short time and reduce the cooldown.
  3. Who's there? - Primary Ability - Wraith launches a sonar ward that pings its location to reveal nearby enemy Heroes. No line-of-sight restrictions.
  4. Back it up! - Secondary Ability - Mark an enemy Hero to warp them back to where they were moments ago.
  5. Surprise, Surprise! - Ultimate Ability - Wraith sends himself and nearby allies into the Shadow Plane and grants a movement speed boost.

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Wraith Lore

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Paragon Cards for Wraith

Cards for Paragon Wraith

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Wraith Picks and Counter-picks

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Wraith Paragon Developer Live Stream

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Video Teaser

Released on Jun-21 2017

Teaser Poster

Released on Jun-21 2017

Wraith teaser
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