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Cards for Wraith


Exoskeleton is a safe 1st pick for Wraith. Ignore occasional poking damage during early laning phase.

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Nitroboost is a standard tool to mitigate lack of mobility + a bonus into DPS. A filler card for early game.

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Blitzrush is a good mitigation for an absolute absence of re-position abilities for Wraith. Of course he has his Back it up! in case a single enemy is ganking him, but this card will allow Wraith to dodge abilities and skill-shots and escape from multiple opponents. Not even talking about a great potential for chasing a target.

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Static Trap

Static Trap is a play-maker. It makes a very good combo with Wraith's Back it up! ability. Rewind them back and place a trap right under that place your target is going to appear.

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Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter is a commonly used card for Carry. No-brainer. Have it in your deck.

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Trapper works very well with may carries and Wraith is not an exception. It will work for two purposes: number one — it will help him to lockdown his target (easier to aim and chase), and number two — it is a form of peeling for himself. A melee hero is approaching? Shoot them until they are rooted.

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Shatter Golem

Shatter Golem is a late game card for a lot of carries. Consider having it in your deck.

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