Abilities of Wukong

Staff of Legend (Alternate Ability)

Wukong extends his staff and deals Ability Damage.

Offensive Stance: Staff pushes clones and enemy heroes.

Evasive Stance: Instead of dealing damage, Wukong extends his staff into the ground for a directional leap that launches himself into the air.

Cloudwalker (Primary Ability)

Wukong can jump a second time

Offensive Stance: Jump ends in aa AoE slam that deals Ability Damage and applies Slow.

Evasive Stance: Jump grants Airwalking and a Speed boost.

Control Aggression (Secondary Ability)

Toggles Wukong between an Offensive and Evasive stance.

With his golden eye flames, there is a chance that Wukong will spot a minion with a spirit that grants additional bonuses when slain.

Offensive Stance: Marked minions grant bonus CXP when slain.

Evasive Stance: Marked minions heal Wukong when slain.

84,000 Hairs (Ultimate Ability)

[Passive]: Upon connecting with a Basic Attack, Wukong passively creates an immobile clone which attacks all targets within melee range.

Clones deal a % of Wukong’s Basic Attack damage per attack, and will disappear after a short period of time or 3 attacks

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