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The Imperial Guard taught her to harness the magic of the wind.

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Yin Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Yin Overview

Yin was announced to join Paragon roster of Heroes on Mar-09 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Mar-14 with the .38.3 update. She is a melee hard-to-master high-rewarding Hero. Per Paragon development team Yin was designed to give players a Hero who will require a very high skill to play with and in return will be able to change the outcome of a team-fight and make very satisfying game-plays.

From the stats standpoint Yin is a very interesting Paragon Hero. Her Basic Resistance and Attack Speed are one of the highest in late game. To put it straight she is a mix of Serath and Sparrow.

Yin is a solid Mid- or Offlaner that shines in the Late Game.

Recent updates to Yin:

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Yin Abilities

Yin Paragon Abilities
  1. Whip Crack - a melee basic attack with a good Power scaling. It has range that is bigger than normal melee Heroes have.
  2. Backlash - an anti-projectile tool to reflect damage and make enemies suffer from their own CC abilities.
  3. Lash Kick - re-positioning tool for Yin to be elusive. Works with allies, enemies, and minions.
  4. Windburn - makes Yin's "melee" attack even more ranged and more cleaving (up to 100%).
  5. Quelling Gale - powerful zoning tool with outstanding protection from projectiles.

Explore Yin Abilities

Yin Lore

  • Was growing up in the streets of Shangdi.
  • Together with Aurora was in a gang.
  • Later on she joined the Imperial Guard and became a bodyguard of Emperor.
  • Yin is a respected warrior and she hides her past due to obvious reasons. A lot of people she is around now Yin does not want them knowing about her past when she was in a gang with Aurora.
  • She walks the palace walls before dawn, imagining the city in ruins.
  • Yin was the youngest warrior since Feng Mao to become First Guardian.
  • The documents affirming her bloodline are exceptional forgeries.

Paragon Cards for Yin

Cards for Paragon Yin

Yin is a very good scaling Hero so she benefits a lot from Power cards. A good adder to that will be cards increasing Attack Speed, Lifesteal and Critical Strike chance and bonus.

Attack Speed + Power will increase DPS which will help you to bring down your opponents faster and Lifesteal will help Yin to survive in long team-fights and recover faster after them using minions in a Lane or in the Jungle. Critical Strike chance and bonus empowers both DPS and suitability.

See more about Yin's Paragon Cards in Yin Build Guide.

Yin Picks and Counter-picks

Pick Yin when you have projectile-based and/or CC-based opponents. A good Yin player will make Howitzer or Rampage suffer from their damaging and stunning projectiles.

Paragon Heroes with good CC or AOE damage that is not projectile-based will be good picks against Yin. Some examples are: Aurora, Gideon, Gadget.

Yin Paragon Developer Live Stream

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