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Currently Paragon lore comes in vary small chunks from multiple different sources: loading screen tips (LS), descriptions of Heroes and their skins and Paragon development streams. Here is a compilation of all of the sources together to form a combined picture.

The Ashur

The Ashur are as wise as they are powerful. But it was not always so.

The Ashur are mentioned here and there but with very few details. It looks like it’s referred to as an ancient powerful race. Below is all the lore available for them in Paragon:

  • A season dies, a wheel turns, a seal opens. Thus, an end nears, so too, a beginning.” – Ashurite Engraving. (LS)
  • Ashurite Engravings fetch a high price in the black markets of Letha. (LS)
  • Monolith reflects the dawn and the dusk of the Ashur. (LS)
  • The Ashur are as wise as they are powerful. But it was not always so. (LS)
  • The Ashur discovered many treasures buried within the moons – exotic elements refined for countless applications. (Aurora skin)
  • “In the text, Ashur initiates wore green robes to begin their studies. Seems fitting.” – (Gideon skin)


Agora has many moons, but the Ashur have opened seals on only three: Zechin, Letha, and Omeda.

Agora is a planet surrounded by moons where all the Heroes are coming from. They have different environment which a kind of justifies having high-tech, medieval and magic characters in one setting. Paragon lore mentions that at some day there were portals opened to Agora and this was actually how Heroes get together and fight.

Below are all the lore mentions found so far about Agora:

  • Some have spent lifetimes exploring the vast debris fields of Agora’s Great Orbital Ring. (LS)
  • Agora has many moons, but the Ashur have opened seals on only three: Zechin, Letha, and Omeda. (LS)
  • Until the seals were opened, all attempts to travel to Agora met with disaster. Except for one. (LS)


Zechin teems with deadly life

Zechin seems to represent the wild and magical life for the Paragon lore. Covered with different forests and volcanic mountains.

  • Zechin teems with deadly life. (LS)
  • During her survey of Zechin’s tribal cultures, Dekker discovered the ancient rite of the dance off. (Dekker emote)
  • Rampage radiates primal heat, like the fireblood of Zechin’s mountains.(Rampage skin)
  • All manner of energies course through Zechin’s mineral-rich crust. If a spirit is strong, it may find a new life. (Rampage skin)
  • The Bathuu, an ancient drowned forest of Zechin (Morigesh lore)
  • Bathuu neighbors another forest of Amyyrn which is home of The Fey

Heroes from Zechin


Letha is home to many civilizations which bear little resemblance to that of their forebears. (LS)

Few from Letha travel to Zechin, and fewer survive for long. Those who do are changed forever. (Sparrow skin)

Heroes from Letha

  • Shinbi – As a girl on Letha, Shinbi snuck away to the city for the Emperor’s coronation. She liked the dancers best. (skin description)
  • Aurora (not confirmed)
  • Countess (not confirmed)
  • Sevarog (not confirmed)
  • Gideon (not confirmed)


Omeda is mineral rich, but nutrient poor (LS). There are no forests on Omeda (O.D. Green Wraith skin)

Heroes from Omeda

  • Revenant – Born on Omeda, possessed on Letha. (his lore)
  • Shinbi – though Omeda is not her home she is the first and foremost Omeda City’s biggest pop star.
  • Wraith – see his lore.
  • Kallari – same as Wraith
  • Crunch (not confirmed)
  • Dekker (not confirmed)
  • Gadget (not confirmed)

The rest

  • Many are called, few answer, and none have been chosen. (LS)
  • Of the many, which will be the Paragon? (LS)
  • By the light of Agora…the dark of the Void. (recalling ability)
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