Wukong Build Guide

Wukong Build Guide

This is a community-driven one-for-all Wukong build guide. You are welcome to update it if you see any aspect of his gameplay is missed. All updates are moderated.

Last updated Jun-10: More updates to the gameplay section, cards and lore. Core cards and deck considerations polishing.

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1 (All-Around)
  6. Deck Build #2 (Crit)
  7. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  8. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Wukong

Wukong and Feng Mao used to be traveling companions. When Wukong became too annoying Feng trapped him in a cave and left. A hundred years later Wukong is free and on his way to Agora to resume annoying Feng Mao.

Wukong is a deadly and elusive melee carry capable of farming faster than any other hero.

Focus on building items that maximize your damage output (Power, Crit)

Control Aggression allows the Monkey King to swap between offensive and evasive stance. Wukong's abilities will have different effects depending on which stance he's in. Control Aggression also comes with a passive component giving a small chance that enemy minions will look visually distinct. If Wukong last-hits these minions while in his offensive stance he will gain bonus Card Power. Landing the killing blow in his evasive stance will grant him health.

Cloudwalker grants the Monkey King a double jump. In the offensive stance the double jump will end with Wukong slamming his staff into the ground dealing damage and slowing enemies in AoE. In his evasive stance Cloudwalker will allow Wukong to walk on air after his double jump. This mobility tool is great for navigating team-fights or traversing terrain.

Staff of Legend allows the Monkey King to extend his polearm. In the offensive stance Staff of Legend deals damage and knocks enemies to the length of the staff displacing your target. You can use it to push threats away or push enemies into bad situations. In the evasive stance Wukong will plant his staff and launch himself into the air with a directional jump. While in his evasive stance Wukong can be very difficult to isolate.

And finally your ultimate is 84,000 Hairs. Any time the Monkey King strikes a minion, Hero or structure he will create a clone of himself. This clone can not move and deals damage around the clone based on a percent of Wukong's damage. 84,000 Hairs allows Wukong to very quickly cut through his enemies and when paired with Control Aggression Wukong can farm faster than anyone else.

When engaging enemies be mindful of which stance you are in. Your offensive stance will allow you to fight your enemies but offers no means of escape. Your evasive stance will allow you to remain elusive but offers no means of damage.

Engage fights with precision and patience. If you try to take on too many enemies at once even your clones won't be able to save you.

Tear through your enemies as a legendary Monkey King Wukong. 

Lore of Wukong

  • So unpredictable, even he does not know what he'll do next.
  • No one can stay mad at him. Because he kills anyone who mad at him.
  • Delights in annoying Feng Mao to the point of distraction.

Wukong Overview

Wukong's Strengths

  1. Versatility. Combined damage potential and elusiveness.
  2. Insane wave-clear for 0 mana cost.
  3. Ability to control an area with clones.

Wukong's Weaknesses

  1. High skill-cap.
  2. Can either deal damage or be elusive, but not both at the same time.
  3. Wukong is squishy and very vulnerable to CC.

Wukong's Abilities Analysis

Wukong is a carry with a very versatile set of abilities. The idea is similar to Crunch where one of his abilities modifies the other ones. But in Wukong this mindset is even more advanced. With one of the abilities you switch between two sets of abilities making the Monkey King two heroes in one.

This section makes a very deep dive into Wukong's abilities. Numbers, special cases and tiniest details.

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- Ruyi Jingu Bang (Basic Attack)

Wukong Ruyi Jingu Bang guide

Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

  • Base damage is 61 and increases by 1.5 each Hero level up to 82 at level 15.
  • Attack speed remains flat with Hero level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 90%.

This attack is what defines damage done by Wukong's ultimate 84,000 Hairs.

- Staff of Legend (Alternate Ability)

Wukong Staff of Legend guide

Wukong extends his staff and deals Ability Damage.

Offensive Stance: Staff pushes clones and enemy heroes 900 units.

Evasive Stance: Instead of dealing damage, Wukong extends his staff into the ground for a directional leap that launches himself into the air.

  • Base damage is 75 and increases by 50 each ability level up to 225 at level 4.
  • Cooldown remains constant 12 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Base cost is 55 Mana and increases by 5 each ability level up to 70 Mana at level 4.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 75%.

Staff of Legend is an instant ability. In the offensive stance it pushes an enemy away. In the evasive stance it allows Wukong to make a huge jump.

Offensive Stance

The ability can be used for peeling or pushing your enemy into let's say your Tower's range. If you are experienced with playing Murdock then you find this ability similar to his Buckshot. Staff of Legend has enough AoE to push multiple enemies at once.

Evasive Stance

Staff of Legend will help Wukong to dodge abilities and skill-shots, traverse terrain and escape. If you played Dekker you will find it very similar to her Rocket Boots. When activated this ability ignores any applied Slow effects and like Boots it can be used while airborne.

General note. Staff of Legend is Wukong's primary escape tool. Benefits from using it offensively are pretty rare and in most cases don't worth spending your cooldown. Keep it ready when planning your strike and as soon as you want to escape trigger Control Aggression and jump away.

- Cloudwalker (Primary Ability)

Wukong Cloudwalker  guide

Wukong can jump a second time with an ability cooldown.

Offensive Stance: Jump ends in a 300 radius slam that deals Ability Damage and applies Slow.

Evasive Stance: Jump grants Airwalking and a Speed boost for 1 second.

  • Base damage is 60 and increases by 40 each ability level up to 180 at level 4.
  • Base cooldown is 14 seconds and decreases by 2 each ability level down to 8 seconds at level 4.
  • Cost remains constant 40 Mana at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 40%.
  • Base slow effect is 200 and increases by 50 each ability level up to 350 at level 4.
  • Movement Speed buff remains constant 250 at all ability levels.

Cloudwalker passive reminds Kallari's Shadow Dance because of the same additional jump bonus.

Offensive Stance

Engaging an enemy with Cloudwalker will limit their movement and help you stick to the target. Slow effect will ensure your Clones make more hits since your opponent will most likely remain in their attack range longer.

Evasive Stance

During a fight evasive Cloudwalker will work close to Ascend of Serath. Wukong will be able to get out of enemy's sight and re-position himself while being unreachable by melee Heroes.

Keep in mind though that Wukong can still be rooted or stunned while walking on air. Somebody like Phase with her Energy Lance can still lock you down if expecting you to double jump and aiming well.

- Control Aggression (Secondary Ability)

Wukong Control Aggression guide

Toggles Wukong between an Offensive and Evasive stance. With his golden eye flames, there is a 25% chance that Wukong will spot a minion with a spirit that grants additional bonuses when slain.

Offensive Stance: Marked minions grant 40|60|80|100 bonus CXP when slain.

Evasive Stance: Marked minions heal Wukong by 40|60|80|100 HP when slain.

  • Cooldown remains constant 1 seconds at all ability levels.

This is what makes Wukong unique. Switching the ability makes him very versatile and opens a lot of ways to play this hero.

- 84,000 Hairs (Ultimate Ability)

Wukong 84,000 Hairs guide

Passive: Upon connecting with a Basic Attack, Wukong passively creates an immobile clone which attacks all targets within melee range.

Clones deal 20|30|40 % of Wukong's Basic Attack damage per attack, and will disappear after 5 seconds or 3 attacks

Passive. 84,000 Hairs is a passive ultimate. I.e. it does not require to be activated. Clones are created any time a basic attack is landed and expire over time. Consecutive attacks to the same target will create separate clones.

How clones work. The way clones work and proc different effects on cards is not the most obvious thing in the game. So below is a list of examples:

  • Clones benefit from any stats and card effects except hit effects and Lifesteal. E.g. they can Crit. It is like Serath's Heaven's Fury.
  • Clones does not block any heroes (allies or enemies) or minions.
  • Unlike Frozen Simulacrum clones don't get Tower's aggro on themselves.
  • Clones cant trigger tower's aggro. If Wukong attacks an enemy tower and his clone hits an enemy Hero then tower will not start focusing Wukong.
  • Clones are not focused by any minions.
  • Killing blows made by clones count as yours.
  • Effects of Ash of the Witch and Everglass will be triggered by clone hitting your enemy.
  • Effect of Tainted Magick will not be triggered by clone hitting your enemy.

Wukong's Deck Considerations

Wukong is a hero dealing his damage mostly with basic attacks. Of course he has some damaging abilities but they are mostly designed to re-position enemies to allow Wukong deal more damage with his basic attacks and clones.

For this reason his primary focus is on Power. Next comes Critical strike chance and Crit itself. After that goes attack speed. And lastly Lifesteal.

Lifesteal. Keep in mind that as it was mentioned above, Wukong's clones don't proc Lifesteal. In other words he can't benefit from his Lifesteal from the distance like rangers, or like Yin with her "ranged/melee" basic attack or even Serath with her Heaven's Fury. you have to take this into account if planning to use LS cards.

Core Cards for Wukong

Stasis Gem

Stasis Gem is a very useful card to mitigate Wukong's low health pool and vulnerability to CC. If neither of his escape abilities worked to get away activate this card and prey. Hopefully those additional seconds to get with it will help your allies to assist and save you.

Explore Stasis Gem


Wukong can use SirenSong not only to help him escape bad situations. A timely activation of this card can Slow enemies right in the middle of one or two clones increasing overall damage taken by them.

Explore Sirensong

Ash of the Witch - pretty the same as above.

Adamant Edge - a standard throw-away card for 1+1+1 upgrades during early game phase.

Healer Token - a common starter card for off-lane.

Wukong Deck Build #1 (All-Around)

An all-around deck build. It has a lot of utility.


Wukong All-Around deck stats

Cards Used

Health Potion Healer Token Sage's Ward Empyrean Mask Whirling Wand Adamant Edge Radiant Mantle Bloodsoaked Armor Stasis Gem Font of Rapture

Explore this Deck

Wukong Deck Build #2 (Crit)

Jungler deck transitioning into Crit in the late game.


Wukong Crit Jungler deck stats

Cards Used

Health Potion Guardian's Ward Adamant Edge Healer Token Whirling Wand Stasis Gem Thirstfang Spear of the Rifthunter Blade of Agora

Explore this Deck

Gameplay with Wukong

Role. Wukong has a great potential for split-push. His ultimate gives him an insane wave-clear potential for 0 Mana cost. Since it is too few time passed since his release he can be found playing in the Jungle, Off- and Safe-lanes. However the Jungle is pretty much not his role unless your entire team agrees with having a jungler with no lock-down and gank potential. It is viable but in very limited cases.

Early Game

His full potential is revealed when playing in the Off-Lane. Early game Wukong will have to play in his evasive stance nearly 100% of time. The main goals are:

  • always watch out for any incoming CC.
  • try to land killing blows on minions with bonus, though it can be hard against a par of both ranged support and ADC.
  • take any opportunity to steal the Gold Buff. Wukong can easily evade the Gold pit with his terrain traversal capabilities.
  • Wait for your ultimate to appear.

When you hit level 5 then protecting the tower becomes a piece of cake. Your clones do the job of cleaning the minions while you are in a safe position out of enemy's range.

Mid Game

With your ultimate up you have a spike in your wave-clear and can plan pushes to your opponents. When your lane is pushed enough make sure you clear the off-lane Jungle camps to take CXP lead over any other hero. Always remember about placing wards to gain vision during your split-pushes. This will help you understand when it's the right time to pull back.

You should always make your enemy team think of their lanes. Wukong if left untouched for a minute can bring down a tower... or two.

Coordinate with your teammates and approach Raptors on cooldown. With your ultimate it's a very quick task.

Late Game

Basically the same as above. Wukong is not a big hitter during a team-fight if enemies has an opportunity to move away from your clones. In this case the best you can do is to make sure your opponents can not group as five. Or they could but for the cost of a tower brought down by Wukong on some other lane.

Remember, playing Wukong you are extremely vulnerable against CC + burst and being a melee Hero you should approach any team-fight very cautiously.

However if you manage to dive in when the enemy is limited in movement, then you can deal a ton of damage with your clones. A well-timed Cloudwalker in the offensive stance can help you to stick to targets and will convince your enemy to stay longer in their range.

Tips and Tricks with Wukong

  • Combine your ultimate with the offensive Cloudwalker to keep your enemies in your Clones' range.
  • Push. After level 5 you clean waves like no other.
  • Watch out for CC. Wukong is squishy. A single 2 seconds stun will be a death sentence.

Heroes Synergy

Wukong plays very well on his own as far as constant pressure is concerned. He can clear camps, waves and objectives in seconds. In team-fights he works very well against a target that can't move away from his clones. Therefore search for a synergy with Stuns, Roots and AoE Slow.

Wukong and Phase synergy Wukong and Phase

Linked Clones

Wukong can deal an insane damage in an area thanks to his clones. With Phase's link and Hyperflux he can create a ton of clones in a bling of an eye and be pulled in from the destroyed inhibitor before it's getting too hot.

Wukong and Sevarog synergy Wukong and Sevarog

Subjugated by Clones

Sevarog's Subjugate is a perfect tool to keep an enemy in the range of Wukong's clones. Especially if Colossal Blow is used beforehand to isolate the target. Wukong can also add his offensive Cloudwalker to make Slow even harder.

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