Feng Mao DpS Guide

Feng Mao
Cards Sequence:


Feng Mao is a DpS class who stacks damage bonuses in the early game to deal massive amounts of damage late game, similar to how Sevarog stacks health and damage. Feng Mao’s abilities all give him stacks, which can either buff his basic attack or his shield ability.

Abilities Overview

LMB- Your LMB ability is your most powerful ability. By the late game, it will be dealing a good 300 damage a hit with the help of stacks.

RMB- Your RMB ability is a very strong defensive ability that in turn buffs your basic attack.

Q- Your Q ability is a closing ability, an escape ability and a solid DpS ability that gives you offensive stacks.

E- Your E ability is a strong AoE slow effect that is highly effective against minions and is therefore very good in the early game. Unfortunately, it gives defensive stacks, so it becomes worse late game as your entire game plan is to buff your basic attack.

R- Your Ultimate is a great offensive and defensive tool, dealing lots of damage and shielding you.

Abilities upgrade priority

LMB > R > RMB > Q > E

Early Game

You won’t be extremely strong in the early game, so a lot of your early game strategy is to jungle and kill minions to stack up the basic attack.

Mid Game

You can start playing more of a normal hero, but remember to use Q and RMB a lot as they stack your basic attack.

Late Game

In the late game, you’ll be more powerful than most heroes, so take advantage of that by rushing lanes.

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