Steel – Unkillable Gamechanger



I have been very successfull with this build on steel, so I decided to share it. Please keep in mind that there is no “perfect build” right now, this is just what has been working good for me and my thoughts.

Steel is a roaming support in my eyes.

Summary (TLDR)


  • Support + Tank in one Hero
  • Decent Damageoutput
  • Close to immortal
  • Extremely good in ganks
  • Can decide games


  • Bad Laner
  • Bad Pusher
  • Can’t win games alone

Abilities Overview

– nice to have, making it harder to control you in teamfights

– your bread and butter to gank, escape and disrupt teamfights

– Great skill to block escape paths, block enemy projectiles from your team and interrupt travel mode. It also grants a shield, which can be really useful from time to time

– Your way to initiiate fights, or disrupt them. Always try to get the best value out of this skill.

– mediocre to useless. It gives you damage reduction but it also slows you down and blocks your attacks, which might have just killed the enemy.

Also good people won’t try to focus you down anyways.

Abilities upgrade priority


Abilities Combos

  1. For Ganks
  2. For Teamfights
  3. To Escape

Early Game

Always help with the buffs. With every hero.

This is the most important time in which you can make the difference between winning the early game and losing it. As I said before you are a really bad laner. Of course you can stand in a lane, maybe even get 1-2 lasthits, but you won’t be really useful there.

So your job is to roamgank and place wards as much as you can. You can start ganking at level 1, many enemies are unaware that you can just run behind them and charge them into the direction of your allies. With level 2 you can already use your  to block their escape path and utilize the slow to get them killed.

After your first gank, run to a harvester and actvate it, that harvester key is no decoration. Then go back to base and buy Lord’s Ward. This will give you 2 wards, which makes it easier to overview the map and set up even more ganks. The only reason for you to stand around on a lane is to grab a quick level 5 to make your ganking presence even more dangerous.

Also try to avoid placing wards on ground level.

Mid Game

Be at the side of your team, win fights by using your abilities.

Late Game

Protect your Carries, Always try to be between them and the enemy Carry. That’s crucial, because you can take the damage, and they don’t.

Card Build

As I said before, it’s very important to get Lords Ward very early. Also make use of your Harvester Key.

After you have bought Lord’s Ward, you can buy armor and energy armor to reduce the damage the enemy team will deal to your face. Always try to get the kind of armor first, which provides you more safety.

The Pendulum of Lords and Lord’s Ward give you alot of Cooldown Reduction, which results in having  and  and  up all the time.


This is also pretty important.

You can replace cards as you want. Just try to somehow get Physical armor and Energy Armor. If you are lacking 3 cxp Physical Armor Cards but have 4 cxp Physical Armor cards, just feel free to use them. Maybe take cheaper health cards then.


Do it. And do it permanently.

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